The Onyx Power Group is a European energy provider and expert in the safe and weather-independent supply of electricity and heat. At four locations in Germany and the Netherlands, Onyx Power currently operates five coal and biomass power plants with an installed generation capacity of around 2,350 megawatts. Headquartered in Berlin, the company employs around 450 people at its power plant sites in Bremen-Farge, Rotterdam, Wilhelmshaven and Zolling, as well as its office location in Düsseldorf.

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Coal phase-out

Looking forward, the company intends to continue contributing to grid stability and security of supply by providing modern energy solutions. With the help of customized technical solutions, Onyx Power will, if possible, convert all existing coal-fired power plants to alternative and CO2-neutral fuels by 2030 and expand the sites into diversified energy parks. Learn more about our strategy for the coal phase-out.