Experts in thermal energy

Onyx Power Group is a modern company with a diverse energy portfolio. All sites include carbon-neutral fuels such as biomass and sewage sludge alongside hard coal in their thermal power generation. This energy mix enables Onyx to react flexibly to changing circumstances. Ongoing reviews are carried at all Onyx sites to assess how energy generation can be made even more resource-efficient and eco-friendly. Several pilot projects in Germany and the Netherlands are currently examining options to convert existing coal-fired power plants to the use of alternative energy sources in terms of efficiency and economic viability.

Paving the way for the energy transition

Although hard coal currently remains the primary raw material for energy production at Onyx, this is set to gradually change. The company already produces a considerable share of its electricity from carbon-neutral raw materials – and this is steadily rising. As a reliable, efficient and affordable source of energy, hard coal will play an important role as a bridge technology during the energy transition in Germany and the Netherlands. On days when renewable energies cannot meet the level of electricity and heat consumption, Onyx Power Group’s thermal power plants can supply energy in line with demand, regardless of the weather conditions. Moreover, the company is examining options at all its sites to give the power plants sustainable future prospects even after coal is phased out.