Commissioned in
2015 Commissioned in
megawatt net capacity
731 megawatt net capacity
billion kWh per year
5,5 billion kWh per year
ca. 90 employees

The most advanced, eco-friendly power plant of its kind

With an efficiency rate of 46 percent, the Wilhelmshaven power plant is one of the most efficient in Europe. Alongside Onyx Power Group, the plant’s shareholders are the Swiss company BKW Energie AG, with 33 percent, and the municipal partner WSW Energie & Wasser AG, which holds a 15 percent stake.

A location with future potential

With its direct connection to JadeWeserPort, Germany’s only deep water port, the power plant benefits from an excellent infrastructure. Having immediate access to the North Sea means the site will remain attractive beyond the era of coal-fired power generation. The hard coal is already brought in by ship today. In the future, the location could develop into an international hub for sustainable raw materials for energy production. Other conceivable possibilities include feeding regenerative energy from wind power into the grid and making a move into the hydrogen sector.

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