We are pioneers and architects of the energy transition in Germany and the Netherlands.
The Onyx Power Group already produces a considerable share of its electricity from carbon-neutral raw materials – and this is steadily rising. Learn more about Onyx's unique transformation strategy
We have a vision for the post-coal era.
In June, the Environment Minister of Lower Saxony and Members of the German Parliament learned about possible ways to convert the Wilhelmshaven hard coal-fired power plant to biomass. Learn more about our vision for the future of the site.

We are experts in thermal energy.

A secure, reliable and affordable energy supply can be obtained through a combination of thermal generation technologies.
4 sites
2 countries
5 power plants
400 employees
1 shared vision

… to supply our customers in Germany and the Netherlands with reliable, affordable and resource-saving energy. That’s Onyx Power Group. Learn more about the company and its management team.


megawatts gross capacity

across all Onyx power plants. That's the equivalent output of 30,000 mid-range cars with 100 horsepower.

9,47 TWh

terawatt-hours of electricity

are produced by Onyx Power Group every year. That's enough to power 2.5 million four-person households.