Founded in late 2019, we have set ourselves the goal of providing sustainable energy solutions for the future. To this end, we aim to convert all our existing coal-fired power plants to alternative and CO2-neutral fuels by 2030 at the latest, if possible, and to convert and expand our sites into modern diversified energy parks.


On this path, we always take an individual and unbiased technological approach – no power plant site is like the other. Our aimed solutions range from the continued operation of plants with sustainable fuels (such as biomass), to the construction of (H2/biogas-ready) gas-fired power plants, to the launch of hydrogen generation.

Grid Stability

However, one aspect is at the centre of our activities: we want to continue to provide energy and heat that is independent from the weather, scheduled and reliable. As a useful supplement to energy from wind and sun, we can thus make an important contribution to security of supply and grid stability as well as climate protection.