Highest standards of technology and efficiency

As a modern company, Onyx Power Group sees no contradiction between providing a reliable energy supply and protecting the environment. Investing continuously in upgrades to existing plants, setting the highest standards in technology and emission control, testing the use of alternative raw materials to hard coal – these are just a few examples of Onyx Power Group’s commitment to environmental and climate protection. With the help of an integrated management system (IMS), Onyx Power Group has combined its occupational health and safety, environmental protection and information security requirements for its German sites.

Carbon-neutrality and environmental protection

Onyx Power Group already generates a considerable share of its electricity from carbon-neutral energy sources. The use of biomass in conventional power plants, in particular, holds great potential for climate protection. The generic term biomass includes materials such as residual and waste wood, which occur as a by-product in the wood-processing industry as well as in forestry. The burning of biomass as fuel puts this wood to good use.

A strong partner for municipalities

The power plants and their employees are firmly rooted in their communities. That is why Onyx Power Group participates in various charitable projects and initiatives at its locations. A major priority is to promote those projects which, next to being important to the region, are in harmony with the corporate values of Onyx Power Group. Besides promoting the principle of solidarity and assisting children and young people from difficult social backgrounds, particular emphasis is placed on promoting local culture and protecting the environment. The company is especially committed to grassroots projects and initiatives that emerge from within society. Onyx Power Group does not support political or religious projects.