Zolling Biomass Cogeneration Plant

The use of sustainable biomass can make an important contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions. We already operate a biomass cogeneration plant in Zolling. In addition to pollutant and residual wood, sewage sludge is used and processed in a specially built drying plant on the power plant site. An all-round green and above all sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Learn more about our biomass cogeneration plant in Zolling.

Sustainable biomass

Responsible sourcing of raw materials is a top priority for Onyx Power. Therefore, we only source biomass that meets the highest environmental protection and sustainability criteria. This includes the European RED II Directive, which sets out clear sustainability criteria for the extraction of biomass fuels, particularly with regard to the protection of nature and species in forests and ecosystems.

Conversion of conventional power plants to biomass

The fossil energy industry belongs into the past. Nevertheless, a controllable and weather-independent supply of electricity and heat is indispensable. Power plants that have been converted to sustainable biomass can produce electricity and heat independently of the weather, complementing wind and solar plants in a sensible way. Coal-fired power plants can be converted to the use of biomass in a cost-effective and timely manner – an advantage, since the demand for electricity in Germany is growing continuously and renewable energies are not yet able to cover this demand.