Using energy as efficiently as possible. That is the basic idea behind district heating. With the help of combined heat and power (CHP), we use the waste heat from electricity production at some locations and feed it into the local district heating network. The energy generated is used in the best possible way and resources are used responsibly.

Integration of CO2-friendly Fuels

District heating is ideally suited for the integration of alternative fuels for energy production. In modern combined heat and power plants, heat can be generated using renewable and CO2-friendly fuels such as residual and waste wood as well as sewage sludge. These processes have positive result on the climate and, in terms of the circular economy, an important contribution to resource efficiency. Find out more about our biomass cogeneration plant in Zolling.

Climate-friendly Travel

Making travel climate-friendly. This is an important goal in the context of the mobility revolution. At Munich Airport, Germany’s southern hub, Onyx Power is already ensuring a climate-friendly start to the holiday. Since 2003, our nearby Zolling power plant has been supplying the airport with around 31 megawatts of district heating per year.