Coal power plant commissioned in
1985 Coal power plant commissioned in
megawatt net capacity
472 megawatt net capacity
billion kWh  per year
1,1 billion kWh per year
ca. 120 employees
Biomass thermal power plant commissioned in
2003 Biomass thermal power plant commissioned in
megawatt net capacity
21 megawatt net capacity
million kWh  per year
137 million kWh per year

Conventional and renewable energy production unite

In recent years, significant investments have been made to upgrade technology at the plant site and advance its development. A considerable share of the energy produced at the Zolling site already comes from alternative energy sources to hard coal: biomass in the form of residual and waste wood and sewage sludge. The biomass cogeneration plant, which was modernised in 2018, has been in operation since 2003 and was built in cooperation with Freising’s municipal district heating company. This advanced combined heat and power plant allows the generated heat to be harnessed as well as generating electricity. It supplies customers including Munich Airport.

Key role for grid stability in Germany

In addition to its various power generation facilities, this is one of the few power plants in Germany with “black start” capability. In the event of a blackout, the site would be able to start up electricity production in the coal-fired unit by means of a gas turbine plant. Using the energy thus generated, additional power plants in the vicinity could be powered up and the entire power grid could be restored.

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