Commissioned in
1969 Commissioned in
megawatt net capacity
350 megawatt net capacity
billion kWh  per year
1,5 billion kWh per year
ca. 100 employees

Forerunner in the use of alternative energy sources

For over 20 years, the specialist team in Farge has focused on generating energy from alternative raw materials. As early as 1993, this plant conducted Europe’s first series of tests on the use of sewage sludge for energy generation – a model that has proven its worth and is now used in numerous power plants around the world. Today, the power plant on the river Weser obtains its sewage sludge from the neighbouring sewage treatment plant. Since 2001, this has been pumped via underground pipes to the power plant and fed directly into the coal mill.

Innovate waste management to protect the environment

At the Farge power plant, producing energy without leaving residual materials has been the norm for a long time. The smart design of the power generation process ensures that almost all by-products are recycled. The gypsum produced at the plant is used in the construction industry; the fly ash is collected and used as an additive in concrete production and road construction.

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